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Online learning

Online teaching and learning resources:

General resources

TES Australia

An absolute plethora of resources for the new Australian Curriculum

Teach This

A great site with heaps of resources that are easy to print - games, activities, links to sites and lots more

 AC - Facebook Site

This Facebook site has a great range of units, resources, lessons for the new Australian Curriculum.


This is a huge repository of all things teaching - heaps of lessons, units, ideas etc...


This is an app simplifies the assessment process and reduces the time spent marking students' work.  You create rubrics (or the students do) and assess the students electronically.  Awesome app.

 Behaviour Focus

This website was created by the Highlands School in NSW and has a huge number of resources for dealing with disabilities and behavioural issues.


The Literacy Shed

This site has some great animations/short films about a whole lot of topics to support English or cross KLA topic areas.

Figurative Language Rap

The kids in Year 2-6 learnt this one last year - they really enjoyed it and it stuck!

Sentence Structure Animation

This is a great animation explaining simple, compound and complex sentences. I did this with Year 2-6 in 2013.

Effective Practices

Research, evidence and examples from NSW public schools that illustrate effective practices for school improvement, particularly in literacy and numeracy.


A great online reading resource - wher eyou can add books, graded on the lexile ranking system, to each child's reading shelves and they read them online, review them, keep a log.  Parents can access it from home as well.  They can get awards for reading.  Looks good.

Reading Australia

This is a great resource, with classic Australian texts as well as others from around the world, complete with teaching units aligned to the Australian curriculum for many of the books and more to come.


Quality primary and secondary geography resource materials - GeogSpace


Its An Honour

A site with heaps of information, lesson ideas and resources about the Australian honours system, national symbols and the Commonwealth Coat of Arms.

ICT skills

See Shape Share

A website from Electroboard with links to lots of professional development in ICT, webinars, online sessions for students, including video conferences across the KLA's


The possibilities of using this free resource in the classroom are endless.  Teachers can use Edmodo to oversee assignments, send notes, use polls or continue discussions out of class time.  Students are able to submit work, check timetables, view their marks and personalise their learning.


Honey Pot - lots of free blackline masters for Maths


Funny Feelings

Emotional literacy site, with posters, books, journals, great emotional literacy apps, particularly aimed at increasing student vocabulary to describe how they are feeling.


This is a 'motion-capture' app, where you can video the students doing a movement.  They can look back at themselves in slow motion, for example, throwing a ball, and see whether their arm is too low or too high.

Professional development


This is a massive collection of talks from some of the most knowledgeable people in a huge range of disciplines.  There is a large collection of talks about education.  Those by Sir Ken Robinson are particularly enlightening.


Science Net Links

This free resource includes podcasts, links, IWB-friendly interactives and hands on activities across a wide range of Science topics and all grade levels.  Fully content searchable.